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Mission Statement & Content for Website

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Mission Statement

Our mission at The Campus Downtown is to provide a nurturing environment in which the young child feels loved, respected, and valued. To nurture children in a stimulating, creative, and discovery-oriented program. We will create an atmosphere in which all children are accepted and loved for who they are in a safe and loving environment. Our program is designed to promote the child’s development socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Program Descriptions:

Our toddler program provides a nurturing, welcoming environment where your child can experience activities that support their fast paced development. The activities for this age group are built around your toddlers limitless curiosity and their natural desire to explore in their own way. Children are able to engage in creative play that supports their symbolic thinking, language development and social interaction skills with other children all while being cared for by teachers that are experienced, educated and professional. To be eligible for this class your child must be 18 months old.

Help your child develop their social, intellectual, physical and emotional skills by

enrolling them in our “Intro to Preschool” class where they can participate in hands on

learning and a variety of fun experiences! We provide a safe and engaging atmosphere

where your child can learn about the world around them while developing their independence and self confidence. Our program lays a strong foundation for future learning and success. To be eligible for this class your child must be 2 years old.

Our “Preschool” class is a specially designed curriculum with plenty of play. Children in this class will be introduced to language, math, science, and social skills in a sequence that is best suited to your child’s unique needs. Curriculum in this class revolves around a bi­weekly theme and activities are planned around 6 main developmental areas. This class helps children build self-esteem, confidence, friendships and a love for school while gearing them up to transition into our pre kindergarten program. To be eligible for this class children must be 3 years old.

This program provides a classroom­ based preschool learning program with an emphasis on kindergarten readiness. In this classroom, curriculum revolves around a weekly theme where children are able to learn through their play while also advancing their skills in pre­academic areas such as literacy, math, science, as well as in other essential areas such as art, social and emotional well­being, and health and wellness. Our child­ centered approach ensures that each child is exposed to a diverse array of learning activities. To be eligible for this class children must be 4 years of age.

I also created the content for the curriculum and schedule tabs (though some of the content may have been updated since my original submissions). Please view the original publication here.

Fun Fact: This is my son :)

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