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Truly, talented work always on time and receptive to your needs. Very sharp presentations and follow up. Candidly will follow thru for you. Very much recommend.

Tati Sola, Aesthetics by Tati

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Santo as we talked about my business Aesthetics by Tati and how she would help me create and design my website from the ground up. She demonstrates superior technical ability and produces work of exceptional quality. Andrea took the time to fully understand the scope of my business philosophy and vision and displays keen attention to detail and time management. I highly recommend her high quality phenomenal work.


Why am I Freelancing?

Hi there!  My name is Andrea. I put design at the heart of my business and my soul into every project I undertake. I'm here to explore the future on behalf of my clients and ask, “What could we do now that could influence tomorrow?” My work experience began in hospitality, evolved into sales and account management, event coordination, advertising then finally general management. 


In every role, I tailored my skill set to enhance the company’s branding, advertising, wedding or web world wants; from developing and designing integrated brand campaigns, social media strategies and content plans to crafting and designing anything in print media. 


Great pride is taken in each project I undertake and I invest the time and passion necessary to deliver a valuable product or experience that will leave a lasting impression. 


 I am open-minded, creative and people are the center of everything I do. My belief is that with clear thinking, creative freedom and progressive clients we can tell great stories together.


Making the impression that you want requires the right combination of images, graphics, colors, and animation to create a stylish and visually appealing design that tells a story. Whether you know what you want, have some idea of where you want to go or no idea at all, I'll help you get there.


An attractive, easy to navigate, mobile friendly website drives direct traffic to your business. I can create a custom, easy to use website for you that you can manage on your own after I've completed it.

Donut Girl

Event Planning can be really stressful. I have experience in planning events of all types and have many existing connections in the events field. Send me a message sharing the type of event you would like to host and the level of support you need, be it an event outline, floor plan, referrals, day of coordinator- I've got your back!


Businesses that are new or changing can struggle through the growing pains of figuring out what they need to be efficient and successful. I can create forms, handbooks, set up CRM and suggest apps and programs tailored to your business to help you prosper.



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